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Tresnomaju is The Farmer and breeder of the rubber aunt coached by the Department of Forestry and Plantation North Lampung Regency. Tresnomaju rubber seeds in the seeds clones qualified and officially certified by the Forestry and Plantation North Lampung District, and has marketed over indonesa even kesegala to neighboring countries. not only marketed, rubber seeds were used for tresnomaju grown by farmers and communities in order to open a rubber plantation personal and group.

Indeed there are several obstacles for farmers to meet all market demand is so high, it Tresnomaju karna common stock vacuum rubber seedlings. especially in the planting seasons. But this is an evaluation to Tresnomaju always trusted to meet market demand.

With time seiringnya has many improvements Tresnomaju in fulfilling the market demand, hopefully there is no disappointment in fulfilling the market demand that has been entrusted to Tresnomaju rubber seedlings.
Not only meet the demand for rubber seedlings, other Improvement in Tresnomaju is already marketing the results of the raw rubber is derived from the surrounding community farmers to various companies in Indonesia and other neighboring countries.

Clones of rubber planting materials are available at leading seed breeder Tresnomaju rubber seedlings and stum eye polibeg sleep. Rubber clones were produced Tresnomaju clones PB260, which is a clone producing latek recommended to be developed in Indonesia.
PB260 clones is characteristic twist stem growth at the plant has not been produced and being produced. Resistance to major leaf diseases ( Corynespora, Colletotrichum and Oidium) .
Initial production potential is high with the average actual production of 2107 kg / ha / year for 9 years of wiretaps, and not respond to stimulants. Results clone PB260 Latex creamy and development of plants can be carried out in temperate climates and wet.

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